Dogger Bank South sites (DBS East and DBS West)

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Dogger Bank South sites (DBS East and DBS West)

The Dogger Bank South (DBS) offshore wind farm projects are planned to be located over 100 km off the northeast coast of England on the shallow offshore area of the North Sea known as Dogger Bank.

DBS will be made up of two separate sites, DBS East and DBS West, each with a proposed installed capacity of up to 1.5GW. When combined, the projects could generate enough clean renewable energy to power up to 3.4 million typical UK households per year.

In January 2023 RWE entered into Agreements for Lease for the two projects with The Crown Estate, giving RWE exclusive seabed development rights for the sites.

The number of turbines for each site has not yet been determined, but the design allows for up to 300 wind turbines (a maximum of 150 for each project). The final number will be dependent on the size of turbines eventually installed. 

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